Peugeot 301Peugeot 301Peugeot 301

Peugeot 301

With the French brand Peugeot 301 seeks to recover one of its older models, which occurred in the early twentieth century. However for the launch to be produced in different countries are expected during 2012 and 2013 the new Peugeot 301 to become a leader in technology in the sector saloon, but mostly comes to compete with its affordable price of many economies.


Now there are other manufacturers that have launched in the race to lower their large sedans, hence Peugeot not want to be in this dizzying less competition within the automotive market. Clearly, this new vehicle is not seeking comfort above all else, but practical use. This is achieved thanks to the ample space in the rear seats and large trunk. Instead we find that their driving is not too soft, because it is a model prepared for marketing in countries that do not always have good roads with asphalt, so the Peugeot 301 will drive on surfaces not as delicate as some countries with a bad road communications.


It should also be noted that the new line to be named Peugeot finished in 1, indicate the line of cars that will be cheaper, hence the appearance of this Peugeot 301, which is not to say, for carrying the three, it will be a small vehicle. Henceforth the French manufacturer will start renaming their new models to search for greater competitiveness in emerging markets such as Asia and with China in the lead.